Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Vision, Commitment, and Hard Work

I’m probably not the only one to notice all the progress that’s finally taking place in Clinton. Could this be because of the Board of Selectmen under the leadership of First Selectman Christine Goupil?

The old Morgan site, something everyone in town has wanted sold and on the tax rolls, finally has a secure developer. To boot, the Unilever property is finally going to be developed. The town manager position is open with 25 strong candidates. This transition to a new form of government was a campaign promise that has been met.

Additionally, we’ve made long term investments, such as the sidewalk from The Morgan School to the Henry Carter Hull Library, the Greenway/Blueway (biking and kayaking), Arts District, a parklet and trails behind the old Morgan, etc. These projects pay off in positioning Clinton as a wholesome, positive place to raise a family, settle into an energized mid-life, and enjoy an active, long retirement.

The charm of Clinton’s downtown has always held tremendous potential. It’s under Christine Goupil’s long-term vision, commitment, and hard work (10-year plan of Conservation and Development, Town Charter, etc.) for our town that we are finally moving forward. Christine keeps her head down and her eye on the prize, making things happen across our lovely town, instituting environmentally friendly and sustainable projects, thus realizing our latent potential.

We need people committed to Clinton to check the cronyism and conflicts of interest that compromise our town and tax base, so Clinton can continue to move ahead and become the shining star of the shoreline. We’re almost there. We need more open space, continued improvements on Route 1, and more sustainable development. Let’s keep moving forward with Town Council candidates Christine Goupil, Tim Guerra, and Jack Scherban—people who care about all of us!

Kathleen Skoczen

Kathleen Skoczen, Published Oct. 09, 2019, ZIP06