Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Olsen’s Letter for DTC Endorsed Candidates

A Talented Slate – By Janeen Olsen – Published September 06, 2017

Residents of Clinton are rightfully outraged by the news that the long-anticipated Mill Pond Development has collapsed. The developer withdrew his intent to purchase the old Morgan School, off exit 63, I-95, and pays no penalties to us! What a mess.

While the deal for the old Morgan School was tied up for more than two years, we taxpayers have been responsible for all the maintenance of the property: heat, security, and groundskeeping.

When another first selectman was elected [Bruce Farmer replacing Willie Fritz in 2015], we were told construction delays were due to the slow issue of state permits. We know now, that is not true. Did anyone look for another developer while waiting to break ground?

Watching one group of poor leaders after another try to run our town, the Democratic Town Committee has recruited a talented slate of candidates. My husband John Olsen is one of them. With your readers’ support in the Sept. 12 primary and the November general election, our candidates will win. First selectman candidate Christine Goupil will lead our winning team, which comprises citizens who possess hundreds of years of experience in planning, development, nonprofits, law, education, public service, and finance.

Potential developers need to be welcomed, understood, and helped in the process of creating a mutually beneficial and profitable venture. This is what Christine Goupil will do. This will be a top priority when she takes office.

The days of backroom deals, gentlemen’s agreements, and back slapping are over. Clinton taxpayers deserve leaders in town government who care about the town and its taxpayers. When Christine Goupil wins, Clinton wins.

Janeen Olsen