Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Moran for Christine Goupil – First Selectman

A New Dynamic – By Maria Moran – Published October 25, 2017

Clinton voters who value education and appreciate the positive impact of great schools on property values are lucky to have an excellent choice available to them on Nov. 7, first selectman candidate Christine Goupil. She’s an educated mom of two young boys and she knows what kids need to succeed in our society.

But she also sees the big picture. She’s a political moderate who has always been a passionate advocate for education, while maintaining a very fiscally responsible approach. She believes that our core municipal policy needs to focus on the kind of high quality infrastructure and economic development that supports great schools. She’s dedicated to working with local, district, and state agencies to assure their role in fighting for education funding in Clinton. Christine encourages and knows how to look for out-of-the-box solutions while maintaining the level of quality education for Clinton students, our societal obligation.

Christine has a bright vision for our town. She’s known for her steady supply of innovative ideas and her interest in all options. She has held supervisory positions in project management, design, and marketing, so she knows how to get where we need to go. Her can-do attitude, her considerable professional experience, and her moderate politics (which allows her to build bi-partisan support) will serve Clinton well.

A new dynamic at Town Hall that represents what we as parents and educators believe in will make it the Clinton we believe is possible. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for Christine Goupil on Nov. 7.

Maria Moran