Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Moran’s Letter for Christine Goupil, DTC Endorsed Candidate for First Selectman

Step in the Right Direction – By Aidan Moran – Published September 06, 2017

Like so many others here in town, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth at how the lawyers for CVS were able to railroad their application through the so-called planning process and against the objection of an overwhelming majority of concerned citizens who spoke at the public hearings. Well, now is time to change out the old boys network and the short-term thinking that has been holding this town back.

This is why I encourage all registered voters on both sides to come out in the primaries on Sept. 12 and make sure they vote for new leadership with new ideas. As a registered Democrat, I will be voting Christine Goupil, who is running for first selectman. On the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC), she objected strongly against CVS from the outset and encouraged PZC to adopt the recommendations of Clinton’s 2015 Plan of Conservation and Development, which the board failed to do. This would have designated the area around the train station as a transit-oriented development zone and could have prevented a box store like CVS being built there. Christine not only worked on the development of the plan, but is committed to implementing its ideas and recommendations.

This would be a major step in the right direction to unleash the potential that this town has to offer.

Aidan Moran