Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Linder’s Letter for Christine Goupil, DTC Endorsed Candidate for First Selectman

Taxpayers Deserve True Leaders – By Karen Linder – Published September 06, 2017

When I vote in the primary on Sept. 12, I will vote based upon Democratic values. I will vote for Christine Goupil and her team. For me, Democratic values matter greatly. Democratic values in local politics equate to operating ethically, with transparency and serving the will of the people. This is something Clinton has been sorely lacking.

Actions speak louder than words, and when we have sitting Board of Selectmen candidates who say they always vote with the best interest of Clinton, and then take different actions on town decisions, I wonder. I worry that their perspective over time has become tainted and autocratic. It is difficult to determine why so many projects fall apart under our existing leadership. I have to assume part of it is the lack of Democratic values, distribution of resources, and allocation of power.

I encourage your readers and Democrat voters in Clinton to show up and cast their vote for Christine Goupil, who was selected by the Democratic Town Committee as the best representative to lead this town and reflect the Democratic values that are important to voters. The days of backroom deals, gentlemen’s agreements, and back-slapping are over. Clinton taxpayers deserve true leaders in town government who will take action to move us forward with principle. When Christine Goupil wins, Clinton wins.

Karen Linder