Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Knight’s Letter for Goupil-Guerra-Scherban, DTC Endorsed Candidates for Board of Selectmen

Integrity, Dedication, and Talent – By Bethany Knight – Published August 16, 2017

Yes, we are all pretty cynical about politics, and yet, living in a democracy, we must have good leadership to keep the ball rolling.

This fall in Clinton, it is so wonderful to have an incredible slate of candidates, endorsed by the town Democratic committee, who represent such integrity, dedication, and talent. I feel excited, knowing I will be able to vote Sept. 12 in the primary for the three-member team of Christine Goupil for First Selectman and Tim Guerra and Jack Scherban for the Board of Selectmen. The offices down the ticket have attracted truly able and honest fellow citizens.

In this age of cynicism and nastiness, when civil discourse is a dying art (especially among the haters on Facebook) we, the voters of Clinton, have been blessed with a bountiful harvest this autumn: people we can vote for without reservation.

You might think finding candidates who are not self-serving is no longer possible. Think again! I encourage your readers to vote for the Democratic Town Committee ticket: Goupil, Guerra, and Scherban.

Bethany Knight