Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Implementation with Integrity

Candidates for office and elected leaders are expected to act ethically and respectfully. Candidates for office and elected leaders are not above the law. I’ve always believed that past behavior serves as the best predictor of future behavior. That is why I’m supporting Peter Niles for the police commission. Peter Niles has served the Town of Clinton since 2013 and has served Clinton well. In his capacity as chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners, Peter has been instrumental in helping reshape the Clinton Police Department.

I have a great deal of respect for Peter Niles and the work that we’ve accomplished on the Police Commission. The work that Peter has done has never been about political party or personal agenda, nor has it involved back-door politics. The work that Peter has done and will continue to do is based on what’s in the best interest for the Town of Clinton and its residents. In my opinion, there’s no better candidate for the position than Peter Niles and he deserves to be re-elected for another term.

Good governance with good intentions is the hallmark of the work that has been led by Chairman Niles. Implementation with integrity is the foundation of that work.

Chairman Niles has never succumbed to the pressures of being bullied or threatened by others and he truly understands the importance of his role and its true impact on the Town of Clinton. Chairman Niles has demonstrated a genuine concern for ensuring that the residents of Clinton receive the best possible service from their police department, while at the same time exhibiting unwavering support for the men and women of the Clinton Police Department.

I’m voting to re-elect Peter Niles to the Board of Police Commissioners and hope that your readers will do so as well.

Edward Tessman

Published Oct. 23, 2019 ZIP06