Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Dignified, Independent, and Effective

I would like to say a few words about Dara Onofrio, a name your readers might not have heard before but should remember.

Thinking of when the charter committee worked to reframe our town’s government from a format that resembled a club-like political social party, and planned to create a more objective, professionally managed, reasoned, evidentiary government, Dara would be someone who comes to mind.

A member of the Board of Finance, a former judge, a practicing attorney—well educated, well rounded, and with a perspective very balanced and fair-minded—she creates a reasoned approach to problems.

Bureaucracy can be chaotic and often idiotic. We hope that can be purged and eliminated.

Dara is dignified, independent, and effective and can impart the necessary impartiality in the chaos. She is running for the new Town Council.

Ona Nejdl

Ona Nejdl, Published Sep. 18, 2019, ZIP06