Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Continue our Progress

My name is Tim Guerra and I am running for election to the new Clinton Town Council. My 12 years on Planning & Zoning Commission and last two years on the Board of Selectman make me eminently qualified for this position.

In the last two years, especially, I, First Selectman Christine Goupil, and Selectman Jack Scherban have made significant strides in making Clinton a better place to live. We saved the town almost $2 million in taxes by reducing our debt $700,000 through refinancing and paying cash in the amount of $1,271,000 for capital expenditures. The old high school is moving forward with work by a new developer and Unilever now is sold and plans are in design stages by the owner.

We have a new train station under construction. We created a Greenway, shellfish community, Arts District, and Senior Task Force, the first to address the critical need of supporting our seniors. The Route 81 Corridor Study is completed and a new sidewalk from the new high school to the library is finished as a first step in this project. The budgets passed on first referendum, for only the second time in 10 years. Pierson School is closed and the town is researching its future use. Also, applications have been filed for new businesses in our west end.

This and more has been accomplished in less than two years, for the benefit of all Clinton townspeople. I have always taken very seriously my role in representing the Clinton taxpayer and am proud of these developments.

In November, I encourage your readers to continue moving Clinton forward by voting Row A—including Guerra, Goupil, Scherban, and Dara Onofrio for Town Council—on Election Day to continue our progress.

Selectman Tim Guerra

Tim Guerra, Published Oct. 02, 2019, ZIP06