Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Committed to Future Prosperity

The Town of Clinton is moving in the right direction. On Nov. 5, our five-person Board of Selectmen and seven-member Board of Finance will be replaced by a seven-member Town Council. These are exciting times as we transition into a town manager form of government.

Let’s keep the team that has been driving the bus for the last two years up close to the steering wheel. The new town manager will benefit from the experience, and the accomplishments, of First Selectman Christine Goupil, selectmen Tim Guerra and Jack Scherban, and Board of Finance member Dara Onofrio. These four public servants pushed for charter revision to allow for this needed change in the way we have operated. They have stayed in close touch with the electorate who want to move Clinton forward. They have been laser focused on economic development and increasing the tax base.

Not one of these four has a personal agenda nor conflict of interest. They are totally committed to the future prosperity of the Town of Clinton.

Voters can keep Clinton moving forward by supporting and voting for the candidates on Row A. When you are moving in the right direction, you stay on that course. I encourage your readers to join me in voting Row A!

Maria Moran

Maria Moran, Published Oct. 09, 2019 Zip06