Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Borgnis letter for Christine Goupil – First Selectman

This is the Opportunity – By Gary Borgnis – Published October 25, 2017

On Sept. 12, the people of Clinton used their vote as their voice to declare it is time for a change in how our town is governed. As the person to create and lead that change, Democrats overwhelmingly chose Christine Goupil as the primary candidate for first selectman.

The majority of the Democratic voters chose Christine for her priorities, dedication, and focus on securing and developing the existing qualities, possibilities, and potential of Clinton.

They chose Christine for her character, integrity, and diplomacy as a break from the past.

They chose Christine for the nine years she has fought to protect our town, preserve our environment, and improve our economy while protecting the character, culture, and charm of our shoreline community.

They chose Christine for her vision, commitment, and skills to develop local businesses, fill empty store fronts, and attract new investors to increase our tax base, fund public services, improve our infrastructure, and lower our taxes.

Maybe most of all they chose Christine because they know she will stand with and represent the taxpayers of Clinton instead of some personal agenda that overrides the will of the people.

This is the opportunity the people of Clinton have been hoping for. Christine Goupil is the change that will make the jewel of the shoreline shine. As first selectman, she can only support us if we support her. We can do this and make it happen on Nov. 7 by making sure every eligible person shows up to cast a vote for Christine Goupil as first selectman.

Gary Borgnis