Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Barnett’s Letter for Christine Goupil, DTC Endorsed Candidate for First Selectman

Committed, Informed, and Capable – By Jane Barnett – Published August 02, 2017

After living in Clinton for 23 years, this year I decided it was time to formally give back, and I decided to serve on a town board or commission or committee.

Thanks to the Clinton Democratic Town Committee, I was appointed to the Clinton Tree Committee a few months ago, and I love it! The Tree Committee is active in planning annual Arbor Day celebrations and we are working on fundraising to plant additional trees in Clinton. All are welcome to attend our meetings and public input is welcome and encouraged.

Though I was excited to serve, heading to my first Tree Committee meeting I was not sure what to expect and if I would be prepared. As if she anticipated my concern, Christine Goupil came to me, welcomed me to town government, and provided me with helpful information before the meeting so I would be more comfortable and ready. I was so impressed. Perhaps this is a simple story, but Christine’s genuine interest in me and in the town’s inner workings really impressed me.

How many people do you know who choose to run for public office because of this natural genuine desire to serve, as opposed to reaching for power or notoriety? Christine is clearly a member of the first group of candidates, a mother and wife who is making time to serve as Clinton’s first selectman.

Christine Goupil will be who I vote for in the Democratic Primary in September for first selectman. I believe she is by far the most committed, informed, and capable candidate, and I invite others to take her candidacy as seriously as she does. We will be fortunate to have her lead our little town into the challenging future.

Jane Barnett