Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Auletta’s Letter for Christine Goupil, DTC Endorsed Candidate for First Selectman

Leadership Skills and Vision – By Shel Auletta – Published August 23, 2017

If I were a registered Democrat in the town of Clinton, I would cast my vote for Christine Goupil to be the first selectman candidate, and when she wins the primary on Sept. 12, she will have my vote in November. Christine Goupil has demonstrated professional leadership skills and long-term vision through her extensive work on the town’s 10-year Plan of Conservation of Development. Her active voice for the people of Clinton in her current role on the Planning & Zoning Commission is what I believe sets her apart. Christine is a doer, she gets things done, she takes on projects that benefit the town and moves them forward. She fights for decisions to be made within the laws and regulations we have, not arbitrarily to benefit just any development.

She understands the impact of housing and education, and perhaps most important to me, she supports a change in charter to allow for a professional town manager and town planner. She understands that taxes in Clinton must be addressed and is willing to take the steps we need to make that happen and make that a priority. With Christine as first selectman, Clinton will have a chance to prosper and we will have a town we can be proud to call home.

Shelby Auletta