Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Ed Tessman – Board of Police Commissioners

Meet Ed Tessman, incumbant seeking reelection to the Police Commission.

I was asked to run for the Police Commission four years ago based on my background and education and was certainly happy to help and give back to this great town of ours. In the upcoming November General Election, I ask for your support of my second term on the Police Commission: it has been my pleasure to serve the Town of Clinton, its residents and the men and women of the Clinton Police Department.

My children were the driving force behind me getting involved and giving back. I have been a resident of Clinton for over 20 year but spent 15 of those years working in NYC and commuting from Clinton daily. I did this after my wife and I got married and moved to town. I continued to do this after our oldest son was born. My son was asleep when I left in the morning and asleep when I came home at night. This was part of my lifestyle and what I did.

It wasn’t until my second son was born and my wife and I were sitting in a parent teacher conference, looking through his portfolio that reality set it. My son was asked to draw a picture of his family and he drew our home, his older brother, and my wife. In the upper right hand corner, there was a harsh red scribble pattern. His teacher asked him what that was and he replied, “That’s my dad and he’s at work.” She wrote that on the picture. It was at that moment that I realized my priorities were askew and that I was nothing more than a weekend father and a weekend husband.

I saw things needed to change and I needed to come home to Clinton. I became the CEO of a non profit in CT headquartered in Norwich, with a celebrated 96 year history of serving the poor and vulnerable throughout Eastern Connecticut. And, I have been blessed the last several years being actively involved in my children’s lives and through Scouting, the lives of so many other youth in Clinton.

I am proud to represent this community and serve in this distinguished capacity. Small town politics is never easy. As a Police Commissioner, there have been times where I have been encouraged by others, to vote a certain way on issues facing the Commission. In each of those cases, those lobbying efforts always carried with it a misplaced or personal agenda.

I believe that my voting record over the last four years speaks for itself and that I have served the Town of Clinton well. At the end of the day, it is not about being a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent and voting along party lines. It is about doing the right thing for the Town of Clinton, its citizens and the Clinton Police Department.

One of my proudest achievements over the last four years was driving change and transforming the face of the Department. Ensuring that the recruitment process was open to the public and that we looked beyond the Department to fill the Police Chief vacancy was critical to our success and continued growth of the Clinton Police Department.

Despite having earned a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice in 1991, I realize serving as a Police Commissioner does not require a law enforcement background to be effective. It requires common sense and the ability to make sound and ethical decisions based on facts.

I am happy to serve another four year term and serve at your pleasure. Thank you for your trust and support.

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