Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Kimberly Russo – Board of Education

Meet Kimberly Russo a candidate for the Board of Education

This fall I will be starting my 21st year as a public school teacher. I have taught middle school special education, high school social studies, and am currently teaching 8th grade U.S. history in Madison. I grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and attended Hartford Public Schools through high school. I earned a BA from Trinity College and MS in special education from Southern Connecticut State University.

Although I am new to political office I believe I am a strong candidate for the Board of Education for several reasons. I have a passion for education and my 20-years of teaching experience is a testament to that passion. I would also come to the board with the experience of seeing public education through several different “windows.”

One of these “windows” includes my experience as both a regular and special education teacher. I am also the parent of a child who was identified as intellectually gifted in 3rd grade and this experience is the other “window” with which I view education. These experiences also highlight one of the reasons why I am running for the Board of Education.

I feel strongly that a school system should meet the needs of ALL learners with diverse needs and interests. With planning, an open mind, and a commitment to this goal from all stakeholders, I truly believe this is possible. I want to be an advocate for the diverse group of kids who walk through the doors of our town’s public schools and their families.

Having an open mind brings me to another reason I am running. In an economic environment where every dollar counts, I believe it is important for our school system to think creatively about how it can best serve its diverse learners. My son has had a number of amazing teachers who have been willing to “think outside of the box” when it comes to meeting the needs of all their students and much of that thinking did not require spending any additional financial resources. Instead it took teachers and administrators who were willing to work with the parents of their students, try something new, and take a chance. I believe it is important for a school system and the town that supports it to work collaboratively in order to make its public school system a success.

My husband, David, who grew up here in Clinton and I met in 1999 and settled in Clinton in 2002 shortly after getting married. We settled here because we thought Clinton was a beautiful town where we would be happy raising a family.

David also has many fond memories of Clinton as a child and still has several family members who live here. We have a son who is 12 years old and is going into 7th grade at Jared Eliot Middle School.

We attend the First Church of Christ, Clinton, where I am a member of the Diaconate board and have taught Sunday school classes.

There is so much we love about this town including its small-town feel, its diversity of nature (I get to hike out my backyard since our property backs up to conservation land trust and yet we are only a few minutes’ drive from the shore… how can it get better than that?!), the diverse and down-to-earth residents, its amazing public library, and its excellent public schools to name just a few.

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