Clinton Democratic Town Committee

Lynn Hidek – Board of Police Commissioners

Meet Lynn R. Hidek, candidate for Police Commission

Living and working in Clinton for four decades has taught me the value of community: building strong relationships. I am eager to share that focus as a member of the Police Commission.

In terms of Public Safety, building strong relationships is critical.

Our Police Department, lead by Chief DeMaio, is staffed with individuals who are building community ties daily. Clinton’s citizens can count on the CPD to smile at babies as they check their car seats, ascertaining they’re safe; to instruct kids about internet safety, online bullying and the dangers of drugs; and to protect our senior citizens from phone scams, shady contractors and violence. Officers are present to make our roads safe and our town free from fraud. All of these interactions build trust. We are enhanced by officers who can use bilingualism to effectively communicate with those who struggle with English, and reassure them that they are a valued part of our community in Clinton.

Strong relationships protect our officers as well. When citizens have easy, connected exposure to our team of police officers, Clinton can be assured that they won’t face an “us vs. them” relationship that puts police in peril.

In terms of serving the town of Clinton, I’d work hard to put my energy into building community within the Clinton Police Commission.

I moved to Clinton in March of 1973 with my husband Ed, a Connecticut State Trooper, and our two preschoolers, Lori and E.J. I’d graduated from S.C.S.U. with a degree in elementary education and was enjoying being a stay-at-home mom with my children. Clinton became the place that inspired me to become an active volunteer who quickly saw the satisfaction of making connections in the community and giving back for its benefit. I helped incorporate both the Clinton Child Care Center and The Friends of Pierson; was active in AFS, hosting students from Chile and Norway; taught CCD classes at St. Mary’s; was a member of The Charter Revision Committee, and currently enjoy being on Clinton Placemakers and serving as the appointment coordinator for the free VITA Income Tax Service.

For work, I was the Children’s Librarian at the Henry Carter Hull Library. I could not EVER have imagined a more satisfying career.
I relished knowing your kids, their interests, the books they loved, and the names of their dogs!

And then life threw me a curve ball … or a bomb. In 2006, my husband Ed, retired from the CSP, who made those deep connections in Clinton as a Selectman, former member of Park & Rec and Planning & Zoning, and a coach at Morgan–Softball and JV Girls’ Basketball, died suddenly in the gym at practice.
The outpouring of support from our concerned community was integral in my grief journey. Your love overflowed. I will ALWAYS be thankful to Clinton’s citizens, especially Miner Vincent, who encouraged my involvement with Families Helping Families. Being part of this organization that gives so much to our neighbors in town helped me to look beyond by sadness.

Having been the wife of a police officer gives me a perspective that I hope will benefit our Clinton officers and their families.

And then life bestows a blessing: I met Ron Frattini, and we’ve happily shared our lives in Clinton since 2008. So delighted that you all love him, too!

Since my retirement in 2013, I’ve helped out at the library. In 2016, I began an outreach program for the library called, The Stories That Veterans Tell. Last year I recorded interviews with 11 local veterans, available for viewing on YouTube. This program will continue this fall, and I am overwhelmed by the experiences our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and cadets have shared so generously.

Clinton is unique. I am constantly impressed the rich variety of its cultural offerings. I love the fact that we’re not finished yet; that each newcomer’s voice can be listened to and affirmed.
Together we will make Clinton the Jewel of the Shoreline.