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Donald Hansen – Board of Assessment Appeals

First elected to the BAA in 2001 Have served as clerk, current Chairman Prepared for work load with upcoming revaluation in 2020 Attend workshops for board members through UCONN As a board we work to be fair & equitable to all townspeople Married, 5 grown children Raised and educated in Clinton Educator in the Clinton Public Schools for 42 years Life member of the Clinton Volunteer Fire Department Active member of St. Mary’s Church Letters of Support:

A Pragmatic Idealist

First Selectman Christine Goupil should be on Clinton’s Town Council. The structure of town government is changing, and there is nobody better to help oversee that transition than its most prominent advocate. Even at the cost of her own job, she stands alongside the overwhelming majority of voters who support the switch to a town manager system. While she’s had that job, however, she’s made Clinton better off. During her tenure, she’s secured several grants for the town for the advancement of infrastructure and public health, sold the old Morgan property to a reputable developer, and begun construction on the new train station. I’ve been lucky enough to see Christine in action, answering questions from voters on the problems the…
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Implementation with Integrity

Candidates for office and elected leaders are expected to act ethically and respectfully. Candidates for office and elected leaders are not above the law. I’ve always believed that past behavior serves as the best predictor of future behavior. That is why I’m supporting Peter Niles for the police commission. Peter Niles has served the Town of Clinton since 2013 and has served Clinton well. In his capacity as chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners, Peter has been instrumental in helping reshape the Clinton Police Department. I have a great deal of respect for Peter Niles and the work that we’ve accomplished on the Police Commission. The work that Peter has done has never been about political party or personal…
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Dignity, Respect, and Fairness

I am running for Town Council and would appreciate your readers’ votes on Nov. 5. My interest in running for Town Council stems from my desire to do good and use my professional skills to make our community a better place to live. I believe that we all want the same things for Clinton, including having a robust and safe community, meaningful job opportunities, community development, programs and services that fulfill our needs, fiscal responsibility, and transparency and integrity in our processes. As a practicing attorney for more than 25 years, I am a problem solver, fair-minded, and I make decisions based on the facts. I always listen respectfully and weigh differing opinions to determine what’s best for the entire…
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Knows the Workings

Shoreline communities depend on the availability and ability of residents to lead all the boards and commissions. Clinton voters are especially fortunate that Jason Adler is running for the Clinton Board of Education. A career educator, Jason knows the workings of public schools from the inside. I thank Jason for volunteering to serve Clinton students, teachers, and taxpayers. It will be my pleasure to vote for and elect him on Nov. 5. Bethany KnightClinton Published Oct. 23, 2019 ZIP06

Professional, Prepared, and Courteous

I am writing to endorse Alyson Roberts and Donald Hanson for re-election to the Board of Assessment Appeals, who have served on the board for several years. As a current member, I have seen how professional, well-prepared, and courteous they have always been at every hearing. Don and Alyson have enhanced their experience by attending training sessions and are keenly aware of the important responsibilities of their duty. The town will be going into a revaluation in the near future, and I cannot stress enough the importance of having experienced and well-trained members. I encourage your readers to return Don Hanson and Alyson Roberts to their seats on the Board of Assessment Appeals on Nov. 5. Dolly MezzettiClinton Published Oct.…
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Finish the Job

Two years ago, I had the privilege to run and win with a slate of honest, hardworking individuals who pledged to turn the Town of Clinton around. Four of these same people I served with want to finish the job we started. They are now asking for your readers’ votes during the townwide election Nov. 5. Christine Goupil, Jack Scherban, Tim Guerra, and Dara Onofrio are running to serve on the newly created Town Council. These very candidates were the driving forces behind the important changes made to the town charter, which becomes law next month. To assure Clinton has a smooth transition into our new form of town government, we need to elect this experienced team to complete the…
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Smart, Diligent, and Fair

Laurie Jaffe is almost ridiculously qualified to run for Clinton’s Zoning Board of Appeals. She’s a retired litigator who’s tried cases in federal court, cases requiring objectivity and attention to detail. In our small town, willing servants with those talents are rare. A relative newcomer to town, Laurie brings fresh eyes and objectivity. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s tired of insider deals and I believe Laurie will break the pattern of cronyism plaguing Clinton’s government. If your readers are looking for a candidate who’s smart, diligent, and fair, I encourage them to vote for Laurie Jaffe on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at Town Hall. Mary Jo PhelpsClinton Published Oct. 16, 2019 ZIP06

We Turned a Page

I have lived in Clinton for 45 years, and I have always been involved in local service. When my three children were growing up, I taught CCD at St. Mary’s and coached Little League and American Legion baseball. I attended every sporting event and concert, and I watched my children grow and thrive in the Clinton Public Schools. I am proud of those three children, who are now successful, happy adults. I am proud of my nine grandchildren, three of whom are now at Joel and Eliot schools. I am proud of 50 years of marriage to my wife, a retired Clinton teacher. I am proud to be a Vietnam veteran, and I am proud to be a candidate on…
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Dedicated to our Town

I am writing to offer my support of Chris Passante for the Clinton Board of Education. I have known Chris for more than 10 years. He is extremely dedicated to our town, kids and entire community. He demonstrates this through his tireless efforts in coaching, managing and serving on various town sports leagues, boards, and commissions to improve our community and our children’s experiences. As a member of the Board of Education, his finance experience will prove to be a valuable asset to this organization to manage, plan, and sustain the budget. His bipartisan views, experiences, and open-mindedness will help our Board of Education and our town build appropriate strategies and make decisions that are in the best interest of…
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